Friday, 16 February 2007


How many times have you said ‘never again’ the morning after the night before? Here’s what to do to prevent your hangover happening all over again!

Let’s face it, we all over-indulge from time to time and there’ nothing wrong with alcohol consumption – in moderation. Anyone who has suffered a hangover knows the trauma of a sore head, feeling nauseous and dehydrated. The good news is that there are ways to prevent a hangover – as well as ways to speed up your recovery process.

Before you drink…
Fill up on water
Alcohol is a diuretic and encourages your body to lose fluids. One of the main reasons for feeling so awful after drinking is dehydration. So before, during, and after your night out, you should try and drink at least two litres of water – you should drink this amount every day anyway. Water really is the elixir of life and will help to hydrate your body in preparation for excess drinking as well as flush through the alcohol and eliminate toxins.
Eat something
Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Go for carbohydrate-based options as these will absorb the alcohol much better than nibbles such as nuts or crisps which are often high in salt and will cause you to drink more.
Liven up your liver
In the day or so leading up to a big night out, try some of the following liver tonics – these will help keep your liver cleansed and refreshed: black grapes, beetroot juice, carrot juice and fennel tea.
Get moving
Regular exercise and improving your fitness will go a long way to building your body to the peak of perfection – both inside and out.

The morning after…
Say no to a fry-up

No matter how tempted you are to grab a fry-up, don’t! Oils, fats and grease are not cleansing for the body.
Eat your oats
Porridge will settle your stomach by decreasing its acidity. Stir in some honey or slice up a few bananas to put on top.
Drink sparkling water
Fizzy water will reoxygenate your blood allowing your body to get on with the recovery process.
A bitter pill to swallow
Painkillers are acid-forming and will make your stomach feel much worse.
Say no to caffeine
A steaming mug of coffee may be what you think you need but caffeine is a stimulant and after a momentary high, you’ll feel even lower.

The best thing you can do the day of a hangover is eat regular, nutritious, small meals. Drink plenty of water, get some fresh air with a short walk outside and have an early night.

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